Supplemental Piano Music

We have listed some supplemental piano music books for those students who want to learn to play music outside of their regular lesson repertoire. Some of these selections include popular music that students may recognize and want to learn to play. This is a great option for future studio recitals, family events, or just for FUN! 

**Supplemental music is not required for student lessons; just extra music for students to play**

Please view material under your students level so as to find something that is in their piano level.

Piano Prep Course Supplemental Material

Level A – Solo Book

Level B – Solo Book

Level C – Solo Book

Deluxe Piano Course Supplemental Material

Alfred’s Basic Piano Lessons – Level 1A

Level 1A – Solo Book

Level 1A – Fun Book

Level 1A – Patriotic Solos

Alfred’s Basic Piano Lessons – Level 1B

Level 1B – Solo Book

Level 1B – Fun Book

Level 1B – Hymn Book

Alfred’s Basic Piano Lessons – Level 2

Level 2 – Solo Book

Level 2 – Fun Book

Level 2 – Hymn Book

Level 2 – Pop. Hits

Alfred’s Basic Piano Lessons – Level 3

Level 3 – Solo Book

Level 3 – Fun Book

Level 3 – Hymn Book

Level 3 – Pop. Hits