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Intro to Piano & Guitar Classes
Now Enrolling Spring 2023

Have you been looking for a music class for your child but aren’t sure if they will be into it? Are you afraid of committing to lessons long term? Learning to play an instrument is a financial investment in your child’s life, but you want to make sure it’s an investment that will pay dividends in the future.


Introductory lessons are the best way to give music lessons a try without having to worry about a long term commitment.


We are currently enrolling for Intro to Piano & Intro to Guitar classes for Spring 2023. This 12-Week class will get your child through all the basics of learning how to read and play music, and he/she will walk away knowing how to play a few simple songs. Each class is 60 minutes and tuition is less than $30/class!


Classes begin the week of January 2nd through the end of March. Click below to sign up and reserve your spot! We will only be accepting new students during the open enrollment periods (December, March, July & October).


**Class capacity is 5 students/class, don’t hesitate, they will fill up quickly**

What's Next?

After completing your introductory classes, you and your child will have a better understanding whether or not to continue pursuing music education. Every student is different, and we want all students to thrive! So we created an easy to follow “Student Path Flow Chart” to help your child choose the path that best suits their goals and ambitions.

Introductory Classes:

All new students begin in an introductory class. This class teaches our students the basics of learning how to read and understand the language of music. By the end of the class, our students can successfully play some easy songs and can read basic notation. The classes are in group settings so students can make friends with other like minded students. This allows us to utilize group activities, such as music themed games, to make learning a truly enjoyable experience.


Once a student completes the Introductory Class, they can move on to one of the following paths:

Performance Path:

Perfect For:

  • Students who want to perform
  • Play in a band, ensemble or group
  • Play music around the community


Recreation Path:

Perfect For:

  • Hobbyist Students
  • Learning multiple instruments
  • Students who just want to have fun!

Song Writer Path:

Perfect For:

  • Singer/Songwriters
  • Student with an interest in composition
  • Creative students

Put what they know into practice!

Once a student has selected their path, they can choose to add on a class to put what they are learning in their lessons to the test. 


Students can choose to join our Glee Club or Rock Band classes to collaborate with other students and get a taste of what it is like to perform on stage. (Perfect for students on either the Performance or Recreation Paths).


Our NEW Composition classes will guide our students through the process of how to compose an original piece of music. Students will get the opportunity to share and showcase their original compositions regularly throughout the class. (Perfect for students on the Song Writer’s Path).


Students on any path can also choose to take additional private lessons on their primary instrument, or if they want, have the option to take a secondary instrument. 


**All Add-On classes are optional, but highly recommended to get the most out of your child’s music experience**

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